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Grant-Making Policy and Priorities

PO Box 161, Cranbrook, Kent TN17 9BL

Registered Charity number 1123562


The Brook Trust will not consider unsolicited funding applications.



What we fund


Organisations and programmes providing support for women and children victims of domestic and sexual violence and abuse, including crisis services, after-care and rehabilitation programmes


Programmes designed to deliver effective “early intervention” services to support parents, children and families in breaking cycles of social and economic deprivation and dysfunction. Areas of particular interest are programmes that: support parents in need of assistance and mentoring in bringing up children; support children who for social or economic reasons need additional help in development and learning; work with children at risk to help them realise their potential and aspirations while steering them away from from crime, anti-social behaviour and self-harm.


Community organisations in the County of Kent, funded with small grants administered by the Kent Community Foundation (KCF). Please note all applications to this fund MUST be made via the KCF.



Where we fund


The Brook Trust does not set any geographical limitations, except in the case of the Brook Trust Fund for Kent. However, we will only provide funding to or through organisations based in the UK, and the great majority of our funding support is to organisations and projects benefiting the UK.


Who we fund


The Brook Trust makes grants to organisations, mainly charities, based in the United Kingdom. Organisations need not be registered charities but must demonstrate exclusively charitable objects, financial soundness and probity.


The Trust will NOT fund animal welfare charities. The Trust will NOT consider applications from charities other bodies or projects which in the Trustees' opinion are exclusively or mainly concerned with the promotion of religion. The Trust does NOT fund medical research.



Our priority is to support organisations and causes which are unpopular and hard to fund


The Trustees may also make other donations, but such donations are at their own discretion and may not be applied for.

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